What if I Say Yes

What if I Say Yes


12” x 9” x 3/4” deep.

Oil on ready-to-hang wood panel.

What if I stop
and just say yes
to the desire that streams through me
(fresh and potent and agh! so intense)
like mountain creeks
and exploding nebula
and Sunday morning laughter.

To say yes to the desire
that sculpts me
into the shape
of each moment,
that beckons me
into the next breath,
the next kiss,
the next stroke of paint
across a yielding canvas.

What if I say yes,
and grow mushrooms from my mind
and harbor blackbirds and orioles
on my head and
meet each new moment
with the rising of my chest
and the fullness of my lips
and the ecstatic sigh that says
Yes, I do.

. . .

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