Waters of Eros

Waters of Eros


12” x 9” x 3/4” deep.

Oil on ready-to-hang wood panel.

The swirl and whoosh
the strong-water pull
of Eros
(that creative urge,
the driving insistence of evolution,
the gravity of Love)
eternally flowing,
cascading across the smooth surface
of time and space.

We will all be had
(we are all taken,
in every moment).
Every breath, truly -
an erotic event,
a motion of (perhaps)
too-intense ecstasy.
Opening to the sky,
wading into the sea,
waking from a dream
in a shared bed.

Deny it all you wish,
it makes no difference.
We will all surrender to this kiss
on our final exhale,
and know the so-bright glory
that was shining through us
all along.

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