Persephone Descends

Persephone Descends


12” x 9” x 3/4” deep.

Oil on ready-to-hang wood panel.

Summer’s harvests are in.
Days clip shorter, nights drop cooler.
And Persephone - abducted one spring day by Hades, King of the Underworld -
and later rescued by Demeter, her mother -
now fulfills her side of the bargain,
and returns to the Underworld,
where she will welcome all
(under autumn’s rains and winter’s snow)
through the labyrinthian tunnels
of the Soul.

In this final moment
she arches her back,
lifts her chin high,
no longer a victim to circumstance
but rather a willing participant
engaging her bright-and-dark destiny.
The paling late-summer light
falls soft upon her cheeks and
warm through her eyelids,
a final moment of daylight in the Upperworld
before descending into the riches
of the Darkness below.

She guides each one of us
deeper into our own Mystery,
where we may release our stories of captivity, victimhood, and blame
to become the sovereign master
of our own Soul,
and in so doing guide others
(when their way is dimmed)
with the brightness of our Being.

. . .

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