New Mural at 8228' Above the Sea


Mammoth in the Mountains

I just completed my second spray can mural, and it was a blast!

In a backyard in the heart of Nederland, Colorado - at an elevation of 8,228’ - is a shed. Which is no longer brown and weathered, but colorful, vital, vibrant. Just like the family that lives there.


Feeling into the Worldspace

This mural is a little more playful, colorful, whimsical than my norm. Why? Well, their Dad had said to me, before I’d started:

“I have a vision of my kids playing in our backyard and looking up in wonder at your artwork, as they grow through the years.” (Or something like that.)

It was an inspiring vision for me to hold. And it totally influenced the painting, from the colors I used, to the saturated stars hatching from the earth into the soft blue sky.


Spray Cans

I’m loving the speed at which I can cover a surface with cans. So much faster than brushes! And I can spray right across rough terrain, wood slats, metal door hinges. The versatility is awesome.

And, I actually feel bigger when I’m using cans. It’s like the medium matches all 6’4” of my height and span.


A Mural of Your Own

Interested in one of these for your home or business (or grain silo or lighthouse or villa in the country)? Transforming a plain ol’ wall into something alive, pulsing, potent?

Head over here and let’s see what’s possible.

(I am offering a small handful of discounted mural projects on a first-come, first-served basis. A few spots are still available!)